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uick quedtion i am at virginia and i am asking for disbility have any of you have apply over here would it take long. I cant even take care of my kids from time to time and we need extra money. Someone told me to do this. Is it a good idea?

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Yes, it's worthwhile. Yes, it's not an immediate process. If you need an income during the process you should look into public support and ask about various resources for children. Remember, you are doing this to help your family.

You can apply online. Remember that they are making a legal ruling based on documentation which means you need to provide evidence to support your claim. Help them by getting as much documentation as you can or at the very least providing the contact info of the doctors you've seen and tests and treatments that you've had. Expect to include a decades worth...don't hold back.

Also, you can fill out the form online in increments. You can save progress as you go along. See their website for details or go in person to a field office. The date you formally apply is the start date when you are awarded. Let's say it takes 1 year and numerous appointments between the application date and the award date. They use the start date and will dispense funds back to that date. If you've used public funds in that time period, some states will take a portion of that to reimburse certain medical coverages. Just ask your questions as they pop up to keep yourself calm and aware.

If you have difficulty with the process for any reason, you can ask for phone assistance and an appointment will be set up and you answer the questions and they will type in the info for you. You certainly can have someone with yiu during the conversation.

As for the question of being in Virginia, remember, this is a federal program so it's not up to the states to decide. BUT, Virginia has a high percentage of disabled and ex-military as well as disabled retirees and is considered a progressive state so the expectation is that the physicians that have treated you will be reliable and informed medical "reporters" of your ability to work or not.

Best wishes and hugs...⭐⚘⚘⭐

edited, originally posted 9 months ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

It's a very good idea. It's a tough and long process but it's worth it. I advise getting a disability lawyer.

posted 9 months ago
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