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Pain in the top off my right leg

It has been really painfully the last 4 weeks it just got worse where my leg is giving way all the time and as the day goes on in have to drag myself leg as it's just to painful lift up whenough am layed down I carnt light or move my leg with out been in really bad pain am getting worried now I don't no if it is my firbomalga or something else has any body else got this ???

posted 33 minutes ago by A MyFibroTeam User

Does anyone have what I can only describe as internal vibrations?? It feels really strange and scary.

Feels like my body is vibrating or pulsing on the inside. It's really hard to explain the sensation in my body but it's like my body is vibrating or something?? Also feels like a kinda bubbling sensation in my chest. It's horrible as I can't seems to tune out of it when it happens. It makes me feel really upset because it's so strange. Does anyone else experience this???

posted about 1 hour ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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Yes. I have internal tremors and twitching that feels like an electric shock. I don't know what causes them but a lot of people on here have them.

posted 25 minutes ago

Has anyone tried Effexor & if so, did u have good results?

I just read a study comparing effects with pain comparing neurontin & Effexor. It claims to work well for people who aren't depressed. Kind of strange but thought I Wud ask.

posted about 2 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User

Effexor and I didn't get along. My body felt odd. My skin didn't respond in the same way when touched and orgasms were virtualy impossible.

posted about 2 hours ago

Does anyone experience dizziness and loss of balance?

posted about 2 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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Yes, there's many things that can be causing that, but fibro is certainly one. I get dizzy spells or feel my equilibrium off. Turning my head certain… read more

posted 17 minutes ago

Anybody get Disability in Canada?

I am looking for advice in filing for my Disability tax credit. I used to get it, new Dr says I am not handicapped enough

tags: #disability #taxcredit #Canada #pension

posted about 3 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User

Yes but not cppd havent worked enough to even qualify for it. But provincial disability yes it isnt a great amount its below the poverty line of… read more

posted about 1 hour ago

Has anyone else's fybromyalgia gotten worse?

I feel like my fybro has gotten worse over the last 3 years. I'm worried I'll end up in a wheelchair by the time I'm 40.
My partner quit his job to look after me and my daughter. This was supposed to be short term. I really don't see him or me getting back to work. My mobility is only getting worse and my fybromyalgia symptoms just seem to be getting worse and more severe. I'm definitely in more pain than I was 3 years ago.

posted about 10 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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I truly understand it’s rubbish and you feel like a fraud. People just don’t understand how we feel thank god for this site xxx

posted about 1 hour ago

Essentional oils?

Hay everyone i was just woundering if anyone uses any essentional oils to help calm their anxity or stress where i feel these are to trigers i am learning that makes the pain worse. I was woindering if it is worth a try?

posted about 20 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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I use a blend of lavender oil, vetiver oil, and Palo Santo oil.

posted about 11 hours ago

Twitching HOT SPOTS

Hello - me again. And im really starting to get nervous about these muscle twitches. Since last monday, i havw been twitching in the same place prettt much non-stop. Some minor little twitches in other random spots but nothing like this. This is a deep twitch and it happens when im in bed or sittinf still. When i drop my arm to my side, it’s not present but whenever I bend my arm even slightly, there it is. I have had a lot of anxiety trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. Some of which… read more

tags: I hsd some of the same issues I went and saw her neurologist and found out that my neck the nerve endings in my neck wear flared which caused the Needles and Pins down my arm I hope this helps

posted about 20 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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You are not alone, twitching is just one of the many symptoms of fibro, or anxiety, panic disorder (of course there are also other causes) and if your… read more

posted about 3 hours ago

Do you ever get so fatigued and drained physically that you are too tired to have feelings?

Eg I don’t care about some decisions
OR I just don’t feel connected to people as strongly as usual
OR I’m upset but too tired to cry

It seems to gappen in a fibro crash that I feel so little for things and it doesn’t feel like sadness but pure exhaustion.

tags: I'm right there with you I am so exhausted on most days that it's even hard to eat I have no desire to make decisions so hang strong

posted about 22 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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Sometimes the exhaustion just gets THAT bad that its like your body starts shutting down unnecessary functions. Hang in there

posted about 19 hours ago
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