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Does anyone suffer from intense sciatica

I have been experiencing excruciating nerve pinching in both my legs since about 3 weeks.The pain comes and goes but the intensity is awful so painful like a cigarette burn I don't smoke ,so I will see my doctor on mnday but in the meantime is this a new fibro symptom pray God no,and what do you do for the pain? Thank you,sylvie exhausted

posted about 4 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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I get a pain every night when I go to bed on the side of my right leg, it feels a bit like pins and needles. I've had it a while now. I know it's not… read more

posted about 2 hours ago


I know with me having the fibromyalgia and the rheumatoid arthritis. And being obese that it's a lot the I battling with. And with being in pain so much and being a mom, sis, friend, aunt, girlfriend, and friend. I really dont have any support. And I'm having a hard time fighting with depression cau see I'm going though enough fighting with fatigue it's hard as I dont know what. So my question is with going though whatever illnesses you have do you battle with depression? And if so how are you… read more

posted about 4 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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I had a problem three yrs. ago and was hospitalized three times for suicide attempt. It was all because I can't take Xanax. It makes me crazy. When I… read more

posted about 4 hours ago

What careers do you have or recommend for CFS, Fibro, and Lupus sufferers?

I'm currently a retail sales manager and I'm going to have to quit, but I can't really afford to do that.

posted about 5 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User

I'm wondering the same. I wish you the best in your search. If I come across anything I'll CERTAINLY share. Hugs.

posted about 4 hours ago


Has anyone else seen the news that CVS is going to start restricting Opiates? For acute pain you can only get 7 days worth of pills no matter what your Dr wrote and for chronic pain you can only get so many prescriptions for pain pills. This is their fight for addiction. So now a pharmacy is saying we can't get our meds. When did people quit taking responsibility for themselves?!? I was on morphine for a yr and a half, I haven't had one in two weeks. No withdraws because I take them like I'm supposed to and… read more

posted about 6 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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@A MyFibroTeam User That is what i do is have a little puff my Son bought me a vape pen a couple puffs and im ready to go( Not Quite) but it does help.… read more

posted about 2 hours ago

Does anyone with fibromyalgia suffer with bronchospasm?

posted about 12 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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It's the second time I have had it in less than a month. I'm off to e doctor again this morning. Last time he gave me cortisone and a bronchodilator to… read more

posted about 2 hours ago

Pain rehab

Hello all. Just wondering if anyone has attended a pain rehabilitate programme and what was the outcome. My son is booked in to attend a 2 week rehab . I'm feeling positive about it. Many thanks, Victoria xx

posted about 17 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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I'm going to be starting a Pain management programme soon too! Best of luck to your sôn!x

posted about 13 hours ago

Soma, within the drug epidemic with addicts how in the world do you get a doctor to prescribe soma.

If you ask where I live they automatically thing you are a druggie. So how can I get the meds I actually need.

posted 1 day ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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My pain specialist took me off Soma, until I get off all narcotics (I am currently tapering off all narcotics, hoping it will help, so far no change in… read more

posted about 10 hours ago

Has anyone tried the Fisher Wallace Stimulator for their pain?

I'm thinking about ordering the stimulator which supposedly helps with anxiety,
depression and fibromyalgia pain. It costs $699 and may be covered by
insurance. Has anyone else tried it?

tags: Treatment by stimulator?

posted 1 day ago by A MyFibroTeam User

I've seen that when i was looking for my tense , its the same thing except you put that on your head , i just worry that it may trigger migraines ? have… read more

posted about 23 hours ago
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