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Wheat Allergies

Im allergic to Wheat and lactose and pork. Ive known this for quite awhile. I deal wish alot of nausea and stomach pain. Sometimes I have no appitiet. I need to change my diet and see if I start to feel allittle better. Any recommendations a on starting to change diet?

posted about 1 hour ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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The book The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers MD. Helps you to figure out food allergies and intolerances. She does have some recipes that cut out… read more

posted 36 minutes ago
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Question - Muscles shaking/trembling/quivering

Hello. I have asked this question before but didn’t get a ton of feedback so I’m going to ask again. Does anyone on here have muscle shaking? The best way I can describe this is when someone goes to the gym and works out their legs super hard and you can literally see their legs trembling or quivering. This is not a fasiculation. I get those and know what those are. This is literally a rhythmic movement that can literally make my entire thigh move and it… read more

posted about 2 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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@A MyFibroTeam User I hate it. And it leaves me exhausted when it happens in my stomach. I don’t understand all these weird things happening to my body.… read more

posted 10 minutes ago
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Experience with Sorina Dancea

I have an appointment with her in August and I'm nervous. Those of you have seen her, how was your experience with her? Was she nice? Informal?

posted about 21 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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She's a rheumetologist in my area that I've been referred to by my GP.

posted about 10 hours ago
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Coping with the Loss of my Cousin at Age 54 from RA COPD and Interstitial Lung Disease

I found out in a round about way that my closest cousin (relationship) was in the hospital in S. Carolina and had been since around Mother's Day. Nice to find these things out from others instead of where you should hear them from. Last year he had been diagnosed with RA and then came the COPD and finally the interstitial lung disease. They had had him on Humira and methotrexate and he was warned about what they could do to… read more

posted about 22 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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@A MyFibroTeam User

I'm so sorry for your loss of your cousin and the way your found out about your cousin. There is no right or wrong way to grieve.… read more

posted about 12 hours ago
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Compression Sleeves?

Has anyone tried compressions sleeves for muscle pain? Have you had good results? I remember wrapping my legs in ace bandages in high school when my shin splints were really bad and the pressure eased the pain a bit. At least enough for me to walk. I wonder if sleeves would help my forearms when the muscles feel like they’re seizing up.

posted about 23 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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I have all around rib cage pain, flank pain, side pain... I use a thick compression belt (back brace), like a corset to support the muscles, ligaments… read more

posted about 4 hours ago
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Lipitor Issues?

I found a few questions about this but they were old, so I wanted to ask again. My doc just put me on lipitor for cholesterol and my throat hurts and feels tight, as well as very bad upper back/spine/lower neck pain. I had read that statins cause muscle pain and I figured it wasn’t going to work out. Are there other cholesterol meds that any of you take that don’t cause fibro pain to worsen?

edited, originally posted about 24 hours ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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To ensure honest I ve tried several ha e up Dr took me off as all of them increased my muscle pain badly. .I just watch my diet and hope for the best !… read more

posted about 1 hour ago
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How many of you know people addicted to pot or products with THC?

I have had very bad experiences both personally and professionally with people that smoke pot and or products with THC so this is NOT the thread you want to sell me on it. My mother was a pot head and I have nothing to do with her and multiple other people I know are addicted.
I kindly ask you not try to sell me on it and I will delete and block anybody that does-on this thread-. I have many what I consider to be friends on here but I draw the line… read more

posted 1 day ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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Yes i know 2 that are & know they cant live w/o

posted about 15 hours ago
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How do you cope?

I’m struggling to get the energy to attend appointments including psych visits I’ve been waiting months for. Aside from going through an extremely rough patch Ive gotten to the point I’m not leaving the house. Im just not coping with the pain with doing basically nothing but breathing (what I’d give to have a shower and not regret the movement). I’m honestly afraid to venture out and risk exacerbating the pain and fatigue as I’m barely keeping it together now. Divulging my thoughts to my parents… read more

posted 1 day ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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Also, you should make sure your doc gives you the right meds to get your pain levels low enough to handle at least one outing a day and a swing by the… read more

posted about 14 hours ago
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Does anyone else suffer from adema , tendinitis and ankle pain?

I have been having ankle pain and swelling for some time now. I didn't injure myself. Recently I had an ultrasound and it showed the fluid buildup around the tissue, tendinitis as well. I have pain and instability unless the instability is the virgo I hear so many suffer. I do a lot side step like a drunk lol.

posted 1 day ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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Yes I have problems with my ankles, my left one gets quite swollen right into my foot. I also have balance problems. I have a cane that I use, I have a… read more

posted about 10 hours ago
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Viable options of employment

Hello, I am seeking guidance in finding out any resources about employers or employment services that assist individuals with fibromyalgia in obtaining work.

All suggestions are welcome!

posted 1 day ago by A MyFibroTeam User
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If you are familiar with The Mighty, they have a whole list of employers that you can work from home if you search Fibromyalgia and then employment. I… read more

posted about 23 hours ago
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