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Prozac For Fibro

Prozac For Fibro

My doctor is prescribing me 20mg Prozac for my fibro. Anyone have any sucess with this medication?

posted February 1, 2019
A MyFibroTeam Member

Any anti depressant can help tremendously with fibro, helping with fog, anxiety, depression, even energy.
Prozac did give me more energy and helped me get up every day but after a while it made me feel like punching somebody in the face, like it irritated me.
Anti depressants have a wide range of affects for many different people though.
Much of modern medicine is 'try it and see'. Just start out low dose and if the effects are bad after a month quit it. If it doesn't seem to do anything increase the dose.

it has taken me five years to get a medicine package that works for me.
I've evaluated many many meds.
I keep a log of dosages, times taken, side effects, interactions, many details.
With fibro fog I would NEVER have been able to properly evaluate them without a log.
Best to you and God bless in all you do and your journey to live with this horrible disease.

posted February 3, 2019
A MyFibroTeam Member

I had one of my nurses giving me an extra 30 mcgs of fluoxetine for my fybro, but as soon as a different nurse started seeing me, it was decided that I should never had been giving the other 30mcgs of it. I am no better now then i was then, except I guess the fact I wanted them to half my pain med because I coul'nt drive with them in me....tooooo foggy and tired.🙃

posted May 20, 2022
A MyFibroTeam Member

Would you advise taking more than 60mcg of fluoxetine for fybro am already on it for depresion

posted December 26, 2019

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