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Has Anyone Had Painful Scalp?

Has Anyone Had Painful Scalp?

For years I have had periods of time (few days to a week) of my scalp being very sensitive to touch. Hurts when you wash your hair or scratch your head. Will go away then come back aweek for two later. Just wondering!?

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I have a disorder called frontal fibrosis alopecia. My scalp burns, itches, and my hair falls out. It's brutal and the flare ups are extremely painful. I was diagnosed with 2 biopsies which I requested from the dermatologist to find an answer. It's an inflammatory disease that scars the dermal tissue in the scalp. It not curable, but I have some control with prescription shampoo, medication and minoxidil.

I also have adrenal insufficiency as well as Hashimoto's and hyperparathyroidism.

Don't know if this helps you. I would encourage people to go to a dermatologist and get a biopsy done. I don't know the connection to my fibromyalgia. But when I see so many people on here with scalp problems it makes me wonder.

God bless

posted over 2 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

The reason for scalp pain is myofacial pain. The layer of tissue known as facia gets inflamed , and causes extreme pain under the scalp. Myofacial pain syndrom goes with fibro.and I have yet to find a remedy

posted over 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I also get a very SEVERE stabbing pain on my head/scalp that comes on intermittently. I've been diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia along with Fibromyalgia.

posted almost 2 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Yes! It hurts to touch and I feel pressure on top of my head. I don't understand why either. It almost feels like soft spots but burning sensations.

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I can't pull my hair back at all. It gives me a headache. I have to wear loose fitting clothing also. I find anything tightly against my skin is extremely annoying.

posted over 3 years ago
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