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How Do You Cope With Oral Surgery ?

How Do You Cope With Oral Surgery ?

I must have oral surgery soon and I'm very afraid . I have constant fibro symptoms and I just can't imagine having surgery on top of the pain I'm already having . I did have cataract surgery years ago and that was fine. But I'm older now and my symptoms have gotten much worse. I don't have a choice. Just wondering how others have coped , especially with oral surgery, what was it like during and after .

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Hi there i had a wisdom tooth removed maybe a year or 2 ago . The pain was tremendous , i was in my bed doped up for a week shaking and everything my family were so worried . But i dont take very well to dentists so it might not be like that for you . Everyone body is different even with fibro . Hope it goes ok for you x

posted 6 days ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Good luck as above everyone is different , i am not good with denist but i have learnt to trust him. My last extraction was difficult wisdom tooth but at the dentist and i had to have additional dosages of aneasthetic , i then had a migrain for day or two but i got through it and to remove the tooth it was worth it ❤️you can do it 🥰

posted 5 days ago
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