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Aware That COVID-19 Cases Are Rising? Masks Recommended?

A MyFibroTeam Member

The CDC is recommending that people continue to wear masks even if they are fully vaccinated. They are also renewing their efforts to get unvaccinated people vaccinated.

The Delta variant is responsible for over 200% increase in hospitalizations in Missouri alone.

Regarding the unvaccinated, infectious disease physicians are describing them as incubators for new variants to develop and spread.

Please help keep yourselves and your communities safe.

Update: June 5, 2021; 147 million Americans unvaccinated against Coronavirus.

posted July 3, 2021 (edited)
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A MyFibroTeam Member

I went to a hair stylist 3 weeks ago and I was reassuring her that I had taken every precaution by getting the double vaccine dose from Pfizer and I was wearing a surgical mask made in the United States. She was not wearing a mask and due to the CDC precautions stating that you can go without a mask if you have been vaccinated I made the conclusion that she was vaccinated.

She said no, that she and her husband had just gotten over having COVID-19 and she believed that that meant having the antibodies cancelled the need for the vaccine 😣 They have 1 teenager and 2 toddlers at home. She comes into contact with numerous people every single day and does not wear a mask.

I felt deceived.

I have been vaccinated and I'm still so concerned about other respiratory issues and variants that I continue to wear a mask because I do not have confidence that other people are being diligent.

posted July 11, 2021 (edited)
A MyFibroTeam Member

I am very worried about the Delta Variant. If they come up with a booster for my two Moderna Vaccines, I am going to get it. My immune system is basically nonexistent because I not only have Lupus SLE, but have Fibromyalgia, RA, MCTD, APS, Sjogrens, MVP, and other autoimmune diseases. I was wearing a mask long before Covid-19 existed because I had so many immune and allergy problems. My husband's family reunion is not tomorrow, but next Sunday. All the people except one ages 60 and up have been vaccinated. The rest, all under the age of 60 have not been vaccinated. We are probably not going to go because all the young people want to go, but a couple of months ago all the siblings, of which there were 12 and their spouses thought sure everyone that was going were going to vaccinated in order to make sure that they did not give Covid to the older family members. This is not the case. Now the older ones are shocked that the younger ones think they cannot give it to the older ones and are laughing as if it is a joke. Now the siblings and spouses are not sure any of them will go for fear of ending up in the hospital as they lost 2 siblings to Covid and underlying issues. We know several of the younger ones had Covid in June and sure others have had it but are not saying and who knows who will be there and be asymtomatic and not even know they are carrying the Delta variant????

posted July 10, 2021
A MyFibroTeam Member

The warnings about the Delta variant becoming the dominant variant and causing more outbreaks WHERE PEOPLE ARE UNVACCINATED and a return to mask wearing, have become a louder drum beat.

I'm grateful for the members on here who have written about how seriously they take this.

Immunologists and virologists are declaring that due to variants increasing in contagiousness due to unvaccinated people here and around the world, that we will be living with this virus for the next 2 to 3 years.

There are people in the United States that live in rural communities that have not been offered much in the way of availability (basic access, transportation) and education of it and I believe that is currently being more addressed. I hope what is also being addressed is the misinformation regarding it and the conspiracy theories.

There are people in other countries that have zero access to it and every morning I wake up and I count my blessings.

posted July 10, 2021 (edited)
A MyFibroTeam Member

@A MyFibroTeam Member I'm thrilled that you are vaccinated and as safe as you can be! I value your synopsis and research very much! And I also came to the same conclusion that you did; that it's better to have side effects from a vaccine that keeps you alive then to be dead from the virus and endure a horrible death at that. Months ago when the vaccine avail was limited i was ready to drive long hours to a neighboring state to get my 1st vaccine because I knew with fibromyalgia that I could not live with having severe symptoms on top of that. I believed that my quality of life would be greatly diminished if i were to be infected with the virus and tragically, that's what we're seeing with longhaulers.

The other positive benefit of being vaccinated is I know that I'm not spreading it to people around me and that I'm curbing the spread of Coronavirus over all in my community. The additional benefit is that I am further protected against the variants that are evolving. The research is showing that the variants are developing and spreading rapidly amongst people who have NEVER been VACCINATED.

posted July 9, 2021 (edited)
A MyFibroTeam Member

Was reading that all these Covid-19 Vaccines come with Side Effects.

Rare cases of heart inflammation could be linked to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, according to new research, but medical experts say the risk of the conditions is still far lower than the risks of serious illness or death from contracting COVID-19.

There has been a link established between the AstraZeneca vaccine and a very rare but serious side effect called thrombosis in combination with thrombocytopenia.

All these Covid-19 Vaccines are a risk but there is a greater risk of catching the Delta Strain Variant and could end up in ICU on a respirator.

posted July 8, 2021
A MyFibroTeam Member

Because I’ve got a very low immune system I will 100% keep wearing my mask. I hate to say this but I truly think we’re going to go back into another lockdown. Mainly because of the normal people, or should I say the people that don’t have any medical conditions are going to have the first jab & then go out & about without a care etc.
It’s a waiting game.

posted July 8, 2021
A MyFibroTeam Member

Symptoms include shakiness, dizzy or lighthead , sweating. You may be one that lives at a lower blood glucose. Are you diabetic?

posted July 8, 2021
A MyFibroTeam Member

Fully vaccinated now but will still keep wearing masks and medical gloves. Here in Canada, there are stored that requires mask on or no entry. There is also a Lambda variant from Peru that had already started infections in 29 countries. We are not sure if our 2 vaccines are effective against any of the variants , so it's better to be safe than sorry.
There are still lots of people out there that are against vaccination so you never know who's beside you. Continue practising safe distance , use sanitizers, wash your hand. Whenever I had to go out to pick up something, the minute I get home, I would use sanitizer on my hands, wipe my face with Listerine, change my clothes, change to my slippers.
I am just being safe, don't want to infect my family and others. Whatever we can do to keep us and others safe, please continue doing it !

posted July 7, 2021
A MyFibroTeam Member

I think we are going into another time of a lot of people with the Covid-19 as schools are going to start back up in about 5-6 weeks, unless they go virtual again because the variant version is spreading rapidly amongst those who have not gotten vaccinated. All of the young people at the beach, which they are used to doing along with anyone older who has not been vaccinated. In about two weeks or less I expect a big spike because the variant is in all 50 states and a lot of people flew over the July 4th weekend and/or hosted large gatherings because they want to see family and get back to normal. With the variant going through Europe and other countries I can see already it is going to follow the same pattern here in the US due to the fact people are not vaccinated. My husband and I both got the 2 vaccines each, and we had sore arms, and were more tired than usual and I had a Lupus flare, but I would get them again as I feel safer. We still wear our masks no matter where we go during any outings to the store and we have hand sanitizer with us at all times and use it every time. We will continue to be overly cautious as we do not want to get it. We have a family reunion coming up in two weeks from yesterday. All of the older family have gotten their vaccines, but anyone from 60 on down have not gotten any and yet they will be the bulk of the 150 people at the reunion. They do not want the government telling them what to do! Well, I feel like if they respected others, and want to come, they should get the vaccines, but they say to allow two weeks. We may make a quick appearance and maybe not at all. We just wish if they wanted to see everyone, which is their parents and cousins that they would have gotten that vaccine. No, they don't have to, but some of them had Covid and are in their 20's and 30's and yet this group from teens on up are the ones that want it the most but did not take any precautions and we all know who got and who did not get the vaccines. We lost 2 family members due to Covid so we would think they would think about respecting others as they don't even wear masks. It is heartbreaking for the oldest which are the siblings which were 12 and now some have passed away, but are the most vulnerable.

posted July 5, 2021
A MyFibroTeam Member

We have both our shots. We're still wearing mask and following the same guidelines we did before getting the shots. I was cursed at this past Friday while I was out and wearing a mask. Don't care. You don't know me or my circumstances. It was my first time getting that reaction though am sure ppl have said to themselves.

We are not done with this virus or the variants.

Be safe everyone.

posted July 4, 2021

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