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Does Anyone Elses Tongue Ever Feel Weird?

Does Anyone Elses Tongue Ever Feel Weird?

My tongue has been going through this odd sensation for months. It went away for two weeks and them came back. It always feels like one side of it is swollen or has a numb feeling (but it isnt numb). Its always on one side too, but never both at the same time. I wake up feeling good and then it starts to creep in around 11am to 12pm. It doesnt hurt just very annoying! Doctors and dentist dont know what else it could be. I've gotten and MRI to rise out MS and all was… read more

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I have had a lot of weird sensations in my tongue for the last year. From pins and needles to pain to feeling too big, etc. They come and go.

posted 8 months ago
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