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What Do You Know About Spinal Cord Stimulator?

A MyFibroTeam Member

My grandpa told me he's going to get tested to see if he'll be able to do this but I'm not sure if it'll help me at all. I was wondering if any of you know anything that night be helpful in finding out more about this, and maybe if someone has it: does it work?

posted October 16, 2018
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A MyFibroTeam Member

I know two that have them, one has yo have his removed and the other says that the effectiveness wains after time

posted December 13, 2022
A MyFibroTeam Member

Hi faith
I can send a pic of the remote control the best thing to see a pic would be to go on the Boston scientific website but the actual stimulater is implanted in my bottom it doesn’t stick out and can only feel it if you run your hand over it I can lay on that side and cannot feel it I find having it on when I go to bed helps a lot yes I do find it help me function a bit more but my stimulater is manly for my back and leg pain hope this helps

posted October 23, 2018
A MyFibroTeam Member

Paula1259, would you mind sending me a picture of the machine? Does it stick out a bunch and is it hard to sleep with? Does it help you to function more?

posted October 22, 2018
A MyFibroTeam Member

Hi Iv got a spinal stimulater Iv had it for 6 years now it does take the edge of the pain just feels like a very strong tens machine I feel it’s worth having done did have to have the leads moved up once as it didn’t cover some areas but I recommend it I also recovered well from the operation

posted October 20, 2018
A MyFibroTeam Member

I have it implanted. What do you want to know ? Or check out Abbot’s website, they are making the device and may find some answers. Or,just ask me. Had one in last year but due to infection,had to come out. The new one,newer version, was implanted last year,November. Got a serious infection , again,was very hard to recover from it. By the way,have nerve damage ,due to open lung surgery from four years ago, in meantime developed Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome,so my pm doctor decided to try and see how it will help me with both. Last week,follow up,my pm doctor and the rep from St Jude (Abbot),and got very upsetting news,one lead at the battery site is fractured. This means, another surgery,only waiting to see a neurologist, (just to have a second opinion) and maybe he will add two more leads to ease the crps and the Fibro pain in my legs. My advice,talk to your pain management doctor,they know what’s best. My experience,it’s a pain in b..t,long recovery,and still not sure how much ease you. Before the permanent,everyone has a trial,so ... All you need is a good pain management doctor and a ton of patience.

posted October 16, 2018 (edited)

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