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Has Anyone Seen A Change In Their Symptoms After Changing Their Diet?

Has Anyone Seen A Change In Their Symptoms After Changing Their Diet?

I can no longer take anti-inflammatory drugs, after 17 years my kidneys have said "no more!" . So, I was forced to change my diet in order to keep my kidneys as healthy as possible. This was a slow process over a couple months that we've been living for almost a year now. Our diet now looks like this
A. No processed foods
B. No breads, little to no pastas, rice or heavy starches
C. Heavy fruits and vegetables
D. Nuts, some whole grains: farrow, lintels, quinoa, chia seeds
E. Very little… read more

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Yes I have no/very low pain. I was told my by my MD he couldn't give me any meds. I had to figure it out on my own until I found a Rheumatologist that would take patients with fibro. Meanwhile, I searched the internet and found these sites: rawforbeauty/herbs/fruit,, Mindbodygreen,, Healthline,, Dr Will Cole. I started eating low carb fruits, very low carbs, high good fats, moderate protein. After a month I noticed a difference. Awhile longer and No pain. It's kind of like the Keto/low carb diet, which is great! I found alot of awesome meals and put them on Pinterest if anyone is interested.

posted about 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I have only been on here twice in the last several months because the horrible plains-states weather has increased my brain fog and pain. Pain from changes in weather and the atmospheric pressure overrides any dietary restrictions for me.
YES, eating differently has made a difference in my pain. Until this past December my pain had been minimal since starting a diet almost three years ago.
It's interesting how similar the diets are that have been mentioned. This is the diet was prescribed to me by an APRN who specializes in FM because her mother had it:
NO gluten (wheat, rye, or barley)
NO dairy (I cheat with a little cheese)
NO caffeine
NO sugar or sugar substitutes (honey, molasses, maple syrup, and Stevia are OK)
NO preservatives (home cooked or home prepared foods only)
NOTHING but organic foods (can only afford a few items per month)
Too bad I hate lettuce, isn't it? But I do love fresh spinach. Have found several substitute foods like that. I eat any fresh fruit when I crave sweets.
Wonderful Hubby cooks when I can't, and he eats almost all my gluten-free substitutes with me. Very fortunate in this way. Like all medicines don't work for all people, I believe all diets don't work for all people. We have to experiment.

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Diet is a huge part of helping with fibro flares. I had a huge flare up last month - 3 days in bed with chronic fatigue. Saw Dr Exelby (fantastic fibro doctor), bit the bullet and went: *totally dairy free * grain free (small amount of rice) * Nightshades free - tomatoes(cherry tomatoes are ok), eggplant, capsicum, chilli, white potatoes *No legumes, pulses, lentils,soy, peanuts You can eat dark CHOCOLATE - thank goodness! Satisfies my sweet cravings Within 3 days the fbro fog had completely gone and I was sleeping far, far less, Within a week chronic fatigue had gone, but shoulder pain still needing massage and acupuncture. This diet really works but it can be difficult - Pete Evans Paleo Diet gives you some good ideas and Womens Weekly has a great Gluten Free Cookbook out if you can do grains but not gluten. There is a BIG difference between grain free (no lectins) and gluten free (still has lectins) hope this helps, Xena

posted about 4 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Yes, cutting gluten even if you don't have celiac helps fibro pain. When I first went GF, my pain reduced to the point that I thought I was cured. But being foolish, I started eating wheat again and now I'm back to full-blown FMS. I got back on my GF diet as soon as our kitchen was remodeled, but I was also doing Keto diet which didn't agree with me due to an increase in coconut oil consumption. So now, that I'm cooking again (the fractured back made hubby cook for awhile and we started eating out again), I plan on going GF once more.

posted almost 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I thought I should pop back into this conversation to add something about the keto diet. Although I have continued to lose weight (21 lbs so far), that wasn't the reason I started keto. I did it to stop the pain. However, it wasn't working and my doctor thought it was my FMS couldn't tolerate the ketosis. However, my chiropractor had an idea that it was the coconut oil. In keto, you use it for so many recipes. Plus, I was replacing my coffee creamer with a teaspoon of coconut oil too. She said type A blood doesn't tolerate coconut oil. Apparently there's some diet out there based on your blood type. Anyway, I don't know my blood type, but I knew my diet and coconut oil was the only thing I have added that I never ate before. So I went online and there are articles stating coconut oil can actually cause inflammation in some people (opposite of all the other articles touting it's benefits), even mimicking MS. Sure enough, I stopped taking it and 24 hours later I can tell a difference! The pain is already deminishing. So ladies, be aware if you are adding coconut oil to up fat intake, pay attention to your reaction.

posted about 3 years ago
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