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How Much Has Food Sensitivities Entered Into Your Condition?

How Much Has Food Sensitivities Entered Into Your Condition?

My new doctor prescribed a food sensitivity test. He said that eating foods that my body has a reactionary response to could cause headaches and pain all over. I just got the results back a few days ago. So now I have something specific to do to help. I have a lot of hope. Wonder if you all have tried this, and to what degree did it help your symptoms?

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I do notice when I eat ice cream, hard aged cheese, balsamic vinegar, and jalapeños It affects me. I start choking and gasping and loose my breath until I drink large glass water. I don’t eat them anymore. I have fibro and scoliosis, and osteoporosis, arthritis, sjogrens, Neuropathy in low back, and chronic back issues.. I too take CBD but it’s in a salve form for my back, Yes no peppers, potatoes, and tomatoes because they cause inflammation. I usually eat gluten free as much as possible. Try couscous, or Farrah, or quinoa, they are great grains.. I eat as much organic as I can buy and eat mostly organic chicken, wild fish, grass fed beef. If you have an Aldi store near you most of these items are cheap. Wish ya’ll luck with your special way of eating. What works for 1 don’t always work for another.

edited, originally posted almost 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Yes....I had food allergy testing along with lab work to ID the “root cause” of the fibro symptoms, which those two together made up my “new” diet. Theee weeks after initiating diet my fibro symptoms were all gone. I followed the diet to a T for 8 months. It is recommended to follow strictly for 12 months. I know when I have “cheated” on the diet,but....the symptoms do not come close to what I experienced when my diet consisted of most everything that is no longer included with my new diet.

One other approach I was encouraged to follow is to consume nothing with preservatives, esp MSG.

The fact that my fibro pain is gone when following the diet/restrictions closely certainly makes it easier to follow.
Good luck......

posted over 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Don’t say “I wish” the Drs would do this. You are part of the team making those decisions❣️ Let the Dr know that you want to be tested for food allergies........
There were three approaches that were evaluated, for myself, and I am now pain long as I follow THE diet. When I do cheat, I do experience varying degrees of pain here and there, but nothing compared to the pain I was living with prior to the determining all the findings.
1) Determine root cause. Fibro is considered an autoimmune condition. There are various root causes. I was referred to a clinic in Fargo, ND, it is an independent clinic, so, is able to order labs our mainstream clinics cannot. My root cause is Chronic Yeast Overgrowth.
Google autoimmune conditions in r/t fibro and see what you find. You can also google Candida. But I personally found more under CYO. That may not be your root cause. There was a page long list of diagnoses related to the root cause of fibro.
2) Be evaluated for food allergies.
3. A third step to consider if the above two do not give you relief is to consider the impact of preservatives on ones body. Anything that is pre-made, in a can/jar contains preservatives.
The NP at Catalyst Clinic is the one pulling this all together for myself.
Do take care and I wish you well😌

posted about 2 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Eating well require shopping, cooking, cleaning up the kitchen. Them there's the problem of cooking for one. Difficult when in pain impossible when you're hands and deformed and painful from arthritis so I order out a lot. The good part of that is I have lots of good restaurants around the bad part is that I'm ordering in a lot. It's actually cheaper because shopping and cooking for 1 is not very economical.

I did discover that removing Nightshade veggies from my diet relieved a lot of pain. My skin stopped hurting in a few days. Nightshade veggies engenders inflammation from arthritis and it also caused my skin to hurt to the touch. Nightshade veggies are tomatoes, potatoes, all peppers sweet and hot, eggplant are the main offenders. It won't hurt to try it except the missed opportunity to bite into a delicious, juicy tomato fresh from a Summer garden.

I've been ingesting CBD oil, cannabidiol, from marijuana plants, for a year and I now have the use of my hands again which are arthritic from a career banging onto computer keyboards and fibromyalgia, joint disease, CTS, etc,... The list is to long to mention. I recommend that everyone try it. You can get it over the net in oil or candy form. I take a dropper full in the morning and another at night. That's about 15 milligrams. Most of it tastes awful although the oil mixed with mint or coconut oil can be more palatable. Over time the CBD oil increases in anti-inflammatory effects so you will improve the longer you take it. Unfortunately the oil is not intoxication. Sigh. :->

posted about 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I searched to find a root cause for my fibromyalgia. I found a link associating fibromyalgia as an offshoot of chronic yeast overgrowth. I dealt with CYO while on birth control pills. I was sent to a specialty clinic, Catalyst, and there they ordered the test to ck for CYO. It was the only lab test to come back elevated-the root cause of my fibromyalgia! With that finding I was placed on a special diet and with that I was symptom FREE in two wks!!! I followed the diet strictly for 8-9 months. At that point I did start to cheat now and then and experienced minor symptoms. Along with that I lost 40#. Feeling SO much better, having a life again makes it easier to follow the diet. Google yeast overgrowth or Candida diet. Good luck.......

posted about 4 years ago
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