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Do Any Of You Have Small, Painful Lumps Under Your Skin?...Fibroids ?

Do Any Of You Have Small, Painful Lumps Under Your Skin?...Fibroids ?

I'm wondering about small, pea sized lumps under the skin that are painful to the touch.....Have any experience with fibroids ???I sure could use some ideas if you could please share.....Thank you !

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I have them, too. They are called lipomas. I found this at "VeryWell Sorry I couldn't get the link to work!
Lipomas in People With Fibromyalgia
Lipomas are not directly related to fibromyalgia. They are more frequently associated with family genetics or certain diseases like Adiposis dolorosa (also called Decrum’s disease).

With that being said, lipomas are quite common in people with fibromyalgia, and when they do appear, the pain is almost invariably worse than what other people experience. This is largely related to the parts of the body where people with fibromyalgia are susceptible to excessive pain.

Lipomas may also be difficult to identify as the lumps may be confused with myofascial trigger points (contracted knots of muscle and connective tissue). These are common in people with fibromyalgia, but again, not because they're symptoms of this illness, because of the frequently overlaping condition called myofascial pain syndrome.

There are different types of lipomas that can develop on different parts of the body. Among them are:

Superficial subcutaneous lipoma (the most common type, distributed in all parts of the body)
Angiolipomas (painful nodules situated just below the skin)
Chondroid lipomas (typically appearing as hard, yellow lumps on the legs of women)
Intradermal spindle cell lipomas (seen, again, mostly in women and appearing in many different parts of the body)

Lipomas are rarely life-threatening, and superficial ones just beneath the skin are not considered a serious condition (except, perhaps, for cosmetic reasons). They tend to grow quite slowly and will often remain the same size for years. They most often have a soft, rubbery texture but can also be quite hard at times.

The presence of multiple lipomas is known as lipomatosis.

edited, originally posted almost 2 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

sounds like you are taking about Skin Cysts which are noncancerous, closed pockets of tissue that can be filled with fluid, pus, or other material. They can feel like large peas under the surface of the skin. Cysts can develop as a result of infection, clogging of sebaceous glands (oil glands), or around foreign bodies.

posted about 4 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

This is really amazing. I have had lumps under my armpit for a while. When I run my fingers on my thigh, my muscle has a banding feel with tiny hard bumps. I read it was called banding and it is a form of muscle pain. I thought I was weird.

posted over 2 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Yes I have them on my arms, stomach, back and legs. They are extremely painful. My husband knows just how much pressure I can take and also how to give me a massage without hurting me. I also have a tens unit and lidocaine cream to rub on them.

posted about 4 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I have had these lumps on my forearms for years. Only a few are noticeable without touching my arms. I have many but so far mine are not painful. I wandered for yrs what it was until my pain management doctor told me I had Fibromyalgia and this was the cause of the nodules.

posted over 2 years ago
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