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Aromatherapy.... Can Anyone Suggest A Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?

A MyFibroTeam Member

Aromatherapy, any success in treatment? .... Can anyone suggest a essential oils therapeutic grade?
Thanks, Angie

posted November 10, 2016
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2 replies
A MyFibroTeam Member

I use an oil diffuser. I got it from Walmart and use the essential oils that they have there. Mostly minty kinds. It helps with my anxiety and mood a lot.

posted November 11, 2016
A MyFibroTeam Member

Hi Angie! I use essential oils for the pain. It doesn't take it all away when it's really bad but it helps. I posted something about a month ago or so listing my recipe I use for pain. Speaking of which, my back is killing me right now - woke me up so I'm going to try my oils now. Thanks for the reminder. If you can't find my older post let me know & I'll look up my recipe and give it to you. I use a lot of different oils and some of them are on the expensive side but if you're looking to replace the pills it's worth it - IMO.

posted November 10, 2016

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