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Can Anyone Help With Suggestions On How To Win The Disability ?
A MyFibroTeam Member asked a question 💭

I saw many doctors, have been diagnosed with Fibro. I have tried every specialist recommended from Rheumotologist to pain managements. I've been on so many prescriptions with no benefits. I quit a job that I made a career of for 24 years due to my many health issues, memory lapse, and being so sensitive to noise & crowds. (Total opposite of the real me , or how I use to be). I tried to apply for Disability, but was denied . I hired a Disability Lawyer, and still have been denied. The reasonings… read more

posted February 9, 2015
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A MyFibroTeam Member

You need to list all your diagnoses. If you have a mental issue you need that diagnosed and be in treatment for that. You need to make sure you keep a detailed journal of your pain and how it effects your life. You need your ex employer or co workers to write statements as to how your memory issues and pain effected you in the work place... if you can show that fibro changed your work performance by way of your yearly evaluations. Etc...Make sure your doc. Makes copies of your journal and puts this info in your medical file. Make sure you get every test possible to rule out other things and tests to prove co existing conditions...I have tendonitis and gastritis...both of those I have proof they exist...and are chronic as well as the IBS. Each and every condition needs to be on your application for disability. I myself have not filed yet but I am prepairing for that. I have read everything on the web. I could find about disability and fibro. It seems to be all about the co existing conditions along with fibro. And if they can find a approved disability that would that comes close to what your symptoms and diagnoses are and how they limit your ability to work.Document everything and give it to your Dr. To file in your records. I hope this helps.

posted February 15, 2015
A MyFibroTeam Member

What can help is to get a Cognitive Test done by a seems it doe not matter we have 200 symptoms that cause pain..but when you do a Cognitive test which show the brain is not working win. Loss of memory..,not focusing,, brain fog,,can not focus long enough to finish interferes with working...,because the Disability Office,,only job is to try to put you back into some kind of work,..this is how they try and deny you for so long..but if you get the Cognitive test proves your brain is not working properly and you can not work., is worth paying to have the test you have proof what your saying is true..about the memory..etc.I was shocked how bad I did , I failed in all the tests..and I did not even know what the test was for..Social Security had ordered it and as soon as they got the test back, I won.,Good Luck to you. Seems a lot of people won right after the Cognitive Test..

posted April 2, 2018
A MyFibroTeam Member

Yes your right..but what helps is the Cognitive problems...memory failing..can not follow directions..can not finish tasks..I won after I was sent to a Psychiatrist..and failed the Cognitive test...I highly suggest you have that test done...because when your brain is not working properly..its very hard to keep a job..or be hired...most women I know only won from the Cognitive testing..( they failed the cognitive testing )..Social Security could care less about the 100 other symptoms..but when it came to the brain not working that is a whole other story...Brain Fog is real..and it can be devastating as we all know..Good Luck (( Hugs )))

posted March 23, 2018 (edited)
A MyFibroTeam Member

call the headaches, chronic migraines,, do you have depression or take meds for anything else? diabetes? inflammation markers with no diagnosis can be unknowm inflammatory process, vertigo? irritable bowel syndrome? seriously my doctor putting that i couldn't sit for more that six hours, or,stand for more than one or two hours made my case, look up the definition of gainful employment that is the criteria they base their decision on. keep,seeing your doctor and keep copies,of all forms you send to ssa. i was turned down once because of a phsychologic evale, they said i was too smart. could get a sit down job. good luck and keep trying....

posted February 12, 2015
A MyFibroTeam Member

Both myself and my friend won our cases. We both were denied the first time but then approved . Try these lawyers . (Phone number can only be seen by the question and answer creators). Allsup. They win their cases 98% of the time.

posted January 19, 2018

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