Being Yourself Is More Than Enough

Posted on May 04, 2018

"After years of feeling like I need to be better, stronger, healthier, and in control, I now know I am enough."- Member of MyFibroTeam

Members of MyFibroTeam experience the burden of fibromyalgia physically, emotionally, and psychologically. Sometimes we strive to appear healthier than we are to avoid the stigma of fibro. Other times, we experience relief and support from others who've been in our shoes.

"I'm getting out of the rat race. I'm not hiding my pain anymore. If I'm tired, I'm going to rest. Hearing from others with fibromyalgia has taught me that I have to prioritize ME."
- Member of MyFibroTeam

Here are recent conversations from members on MyFibroTeam:

I’m having a good day. Not because of a lack of pain. There is definitely still tons of that! Everyone on this site is so nice... and supportive and compassionate and just wow.

I'm not willing to give up this fight, trying different things like acupuncture, gluten-free diet, meditation, therapy, supplements etc.

So, for the past week, I've been pushed to walk by my sister, and I couldn't be more grateful

Here you will find some wonderful support from the people here who are in the same situation as you and understand what you are going through.

I’m having a good day. Not because of a lack of pain. There is definitely still tons of that!

Have you found yourself striving to appear as though you have it all together? Have you discovered ways to surround yourself with others who make you feel that you are more than enough? Share what you've learned in the comments below or directly on

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Bless you!

posted about 1 month ago


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