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Will My Fibromyalgia Put Me At High Risk For Covid-19?
A MyFibroTeam Member asked a question 💭
posted March 17, 2020
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A MyFibroTeam Member

IVE SPOKEN TO MY GP at length about our risk with this condition. He is the best fibro doc I've ever had.
His opinion is that because of the pain already associated with my fibro. That pain people are experiencing with doc is, for us it would be hightened tremendously.
Also because of some of the other conditions fibro patients have. that we are at higher risk of complications of we contract the virus.
His advice was #completely isolate at home.
#get someone to do my shopping and drop it off at my door step.
# to put gloves on and thoroughly disinfect my food packages veggie bringing them inside. Dispose of the plastic bags.
# he also said that I need to ring ahead and wait in my car until my appoinment time, if I have to go for any tests.
(I need a ct scan and blood test). Then mask and gloves when I go into my app.
#chemist: I'm to ring them and wait in my car, for them to collect and then bring my prescription to me. Have hand sanitizer with me n use my own pens for signing anything.
#when I get mail, I'm to use gloves to touch packages until I have unwrapped it outside. Then dispose of package. Take things inside and wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water.

I'm sure I've forgotten something but can't remember at this moment.
I have 4 kids, 3 of them teenagers. One works full time at the dairy across the road. The Dr said that if she is following a strict regime then it is ok for her to stay at work for now. But when we get more numbers in our area that she is to stop work.
If there is someone in your house that is going out to work, I would highly recommend that you do something to separate them from yourself. And set up a separate wash station in the laundry. So they come home n wash, strip off (put their clothes straight into machine) get changed and then enter the house where you are.
This was a suggestion for households where there is people at high risk.
Oh that's right, Dr said that or condition doesn't necessarily mean that we are anymore susceptible to contracting the virus. Just that it would hit us harder with higher risk of complications and possibly leading to death. This is because our body's already under strain to function , unlike that of a normally healthy person.
If anyone has any questions they'd like answered by a Dr, I'm happy to ask him as he is doing phone consults with his high risk patients now. So they don't have to come into the surgery.
I hope this has helped.
Please take care of yourselves my fibro family. We must do everything possible to prevent contact with this potential killer.
Love Sam

posted April 3, 2020
A MyFibroTeam Member

Is there any medical professional who could clarify this for us?

posted March 25, 2020
A MyFibroTeam Member

Samantha, your Dr. is soooooooo wrong, are you kidding me? Do don't wait until there are more cases then isolate, there is no back peddling once it's spreading. Reduce exposure NOW. Rally around with your kids and do only what you can do. Eat tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Frozen food and any meal that's easy. Wait for the tests! I can't believe that the Dr. Would be ok to make you go to a place with the most germs with an increase chance you could get it. I think that we feel helpless because we are all over the world, and not able to help each other. I'm not wearing makeup or doing my hair, and I wear my PJS and tell my husband that I'm just trying to reduce the laundry load lol. Make life simple and we will get thru this. Warm hugs.

posted April 2, 2020
A MyFibroTeam Member

Thanks for all your comments and love. I am a late senior in 80’s and am Blessed to live in a Senior place. I stay in my room a lot and spend a lot of time praying because I feel this is the best thing for us to do because God loves us so much and HE WILL TAKE CARE OF US!!! I only go down to get meals, and still can go to the Chapel and walk outside. Spend time keeping up with loves ones on the phone and on line. I hurt a lot and have a lot of health issues and Yes I am anxious for my loves ones but I try my Best to Trust in God’s Mercy and Love.

posted March 26, 2020
A MyFibroTeam Member

White wolf, can you take CBD OR THC? I found out that is the only thing that works with my trazadone. You have to find any or all things that can help you get the right kinda sleep. Your poor body and mind. Wish that all of us with insomnia could just go into a coma for the next month or so.

posted March 17, 2020

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