Dose anyone sweat more now that they have the fibro?? It seems since i started it i been more sweaty. Is this part of the fibro??

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I used to be a person who rarely broke into a hard sweat. I have found that my sweating, since being diagnosed, has changed through the years. I too have found it necessary to have extremely chilled rooms. In the daytime 73, 74 degrees and at night I must have it at 68 to 70 degrees. Fortunately we have zones in our house so each room can be set at a different temperature. But, I have found it necessary to have a window air conditioning unit with remote control in my bedroom. I have done this because my temperature tolerance changes throughout the evening and night. I find myself using the remote control to turn the fan hi then down and the same with the temperature. Now I have to put something to redirect the direction of the fan so it does not blow directly upon me . I cannot stand something blowing on me most of the time. I also keep a lightweight long-sleeved front buttoned type jacket close by but I am constantly putting it on and taking it off. Now this is the strange part, it's my upper body that sweats. Mainly my head and my upper chest. My legs are constantly cold. Although I do have to constantly cover and uncover them although never completely. Even a sheet will make a difference. Notice how often we use the word constantly. I say we because I assume that that is the case with most of us suffering from this disease. It is amazing how much more information is accumulating regarding our suffering since we have these forums to share with one another and hopefully the medical institutions. Sorry my grammar and punctuation has deteriorated but I prefer to just talk after a while I cannot deal with correcting everything. Possibly another affliction. Someday maybe there will be a way for us too have a conference via Skype or something where we can all hear one another as though we were together I do miss hearing voices I'm interacting in that method. I don't interact frequently enough so I find myself very long-winded.

posted 12 months ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

constantly and never sweat before... will be dripping wet head to toe sometimes 8-10 times a day... long past menopause

posted 6 months ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I also suffer with excess sweating.. and I'm going through menopause too. I struggle to sleep but I've just got one of those gel pillows. It's not brilliant through the night but its coolness helps me drop off to sleep instead of tossing and turning due to the heat I radiate. I would recommend giving it a try.
Make sure you get a large one which covers whole of pillow because you can try and get a cool area if your area gets warm

posted 8 months ago
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Hello to Lenora Miller this is Bon J. I now live in Florida but when I lived in New Jersey my legs would get so cold that whenever I set I would have one of those little tube heaters Anna and an Afghan on my legs and my legs raised with the heater under it and then it would be like my bones. Like they were frozen and I'd have to go into the hottest bath I could stand and being it for an hour before my legs would warm up. So befriend the hot bath for your legs and as for the upper part now and I have a problem of hurting and need to take an hot Epsom salts bath I put the air conditioning on in the bathroom and we have a bathroom ceiling fan and then I have cups that I filled with cold water to pour over my head. What a life and that's just a small portion. I am sure we would sound like hypochondriacs when we sit down and list all of our different symptoms and problems that we have to deal with whenever they crop up. Thank goodness all symptoms don't happen all at the same time and are at least spread out.

posted 11 months ago
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YES!!! My body temperature fluxates a lot over the day and night. I don't really own sweaters anymore. Thin cardigans but not sweaters (and I live in Colorado!).
Also, I find strange places get heat flashes when the rest of me is "normal', like my left ear and left cheek. I have to put an ice pack on it to get relief. It's so frustrating, living in a constant state of uncomfortableness. *Sigh* #ThatFibroLife

edited, originally posted 12 months ago
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