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Could My Medications Be The Cause

A MyFibroTeam Member

Hi,I was wondering this.I have bipolar anxiety disorder, I've been on several different kinds of medication to treat my illness. And due to them I've suffered a lot of pain,chronic pains.I've been on several kinds of anti psychotic drugs and antidepressants over the years of being diagnosed as bipolar. But my pains r worse now,I've been in constant pain for months now,and its daily
Please I'm looking for answers.if u could help ide really appreciate it.thx Nancy

posted May 25, 2017
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A MyFibroTeam Member

I moved to Calif from MD. So all new doctors. GP wanted me to try anti depressants and get off tramadol. Tried cymbalta got go bleed, tried venflaxine go cramps in Gi, tried Wellbutrin and Savella and got heart palpitations and pain. So I see a neurologist who is comfortable writing 4 meds. Back on tramadol, prcegablin , muscle relaxer and lorazepam. Funny I could take some of these meds when I was younger. The body changes. Good luck with finding the right meds.

posted March 3
A MyFibroTeam Member

Hi Anita, Glad they solved it for you. Made me very cautious of taking pharmaceuticals, that's for sure. One of the experts in the SS field, who I actually spoke to and he was so helpful, sent me some of his research (I used to be in a field of research so this was not unusual really). A few of his articles were to do with genetic adaptations we may also have to take into consideration, but way out of my field and so I passed it all onto my GP who was also blown away but agreed that it has to be taken into consideration any time in the future when she is thinking of prescribing any pharmaceutical. I mention this as you say you had SS, so maybe your GP should also consider organising a DNA test for you. I had one done some years back now, and gave a copy to my GP for my present medical files.
Hope you have a good day.

posted February 25
A MyFibroTeam Member

I also had SS.. yet mine was SEVERE!discovered that my 3 antidepressants & my nausea meds as well as my GI meds were interacting in bad ways.. i was on verge of having a stroke & seizures .. my bo was ^& my heart rate was > 120.. also had been have severe sweating spells for over six months ( hyperhydrosis). My Rheumatologist caught this & worked with my PC & pharmacist to resolve the problem.

posted February 25
A MyFibroTeam Member

Hi, Have never had a great faith in pharmaceuticals, and for me they never helped with any of my fibro symptoms - except perhaps helping me sleep. Have just read an article on serotonin syndrome, from a mild case to moderate to extreme, and I may be wrong here, but don't believe I am, that all of the pharmaceuticals I was given caused me to have a mild case of serotonin syndrome (SS). My Gp says that is not possible, but the experts in the field and those that undertook this study, say that the symptoms CAN last for years for as long as you are taking a serotonergic agent - and sad to say, most of the ones I was given were. And a lot were given at the same time. Also unfortunately, after you have SS even some natural therapeutics can increase SS symptoms. Check it out online. The people prescribing these pharmaceuticals do not always take SS into account. Just a little bit scary.

posted December 4, 2022
A MyFibroTeam Member

Hi found your question after I posted my question! it seems to answer yours?

After spending the past 10-15 years existing rather than living, fatigued, permanent flu-like all over body pain, sadness, eating sugary foods, weight gain, permanent cystitis, constipation, 2 walking sticks, on 13 medications, plus supplements:
I could sense my body shutting down as was unable to move & saw this stretched out endlessly for the rest of my life.
With the guidance of my GP and paying for private Skype consults with The Priory, (Cheap for the results);
I'm down to 4 medications, no walking sticks, happier, lost 50lbs & living a decent life.
I have medical reports stating Fibromyalgia- in remission. PTSD- in remission.
It is still making me nervous not having the medication.
Done properly, the withdrawals were minimal and I felt my body sing(&zing!) as the toxic chemical build up, left my body. My brain is still balancing out pain receptors. The insomnia was a waking nightmare & kept tempting me to stop changing. With no brain fog, I was able to ride this out with help.
Calming and regulating my Central Nervous System was the key. Not piling pharmaceuticals into my Central Nervous System.
The whole process took 6 months. I am happy to expand on how I achieved this, step by step.
"My Fibro" changed my existence into living. a miracle folks! Altho' I'm certainly not perfect nor walk on water xx
If nothing changes; nothing changes xx

posted December 5, 2021
A MyFibroTeam Member

I understand about the medicine you take some of them do make you feel worse make your pain even worse so sometimes I don't take the medication I feel better I still have some pain but not as bad and I have my days that is worse than other days I want to ask is the mercy of God I just go on

posted June 10, 2020
A MyFibroTeam Member

Sometimes I believe the medicine has a part of it sometimes I take all that medicine and I feel worse when I don't text some of it I feel better I don't hurt as much and then when I have a free up is just one of them days I just want to just lay down just sleep and feel tired feel weak Abby itching is painful headaches just too much by the grace of God I deal with it

posted October 28, 2019
A MyFibroTeam Member

My psychiatrist treats my pain and depression.

posted October 7, 2017
A MyFibroTeam Member

Nancy, I suggest you see a psychiatrist. He/she can diagnose Bi-polar, anxiety, depression, etc. He may also refer you to a therapist. He will also take over all your meds so he can be certain there is no interaction. Mine literally saved my life. Good luck.

posted June 1, 2017
A MyFibroTeam Member

I take lamictal for my mood swings wellbutrin for depression and xanax for anxiety and panic attacks

posted May 25, 2017

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