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Gabapentin Mood Swings

Gabapentin Mood Swings


Does anyone else get mood swings from taking Gabapentin for fibro nerve pain?

Is there any other alternative that is effective, but no mood swings?

It seems I have to keep taking more of the stuff not only for pain but also balancing or escaping the mood swings.

I fear loosing my job, family, friends, and more from all of this mess. Wish there was a safer way to deal with the pain

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

@A MyFibroTeam Member - Yes there are the pain patches . The best place to go is to a Pain Manaagement Clinic. That's all they deal with - Managing Pain. .It's a shame but the doctor's of today know nothing about Fibromyalgia.

Call your local Hospital and they should be able to tell you where the Pain Management Clinic would be.


posted over 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I am going to come off Gabapentin as i have put on a stone!! I had my diabetic check up today and the nurse accused me of not eating properly. But I am sure it's the Gabapentin. šŸ˜ šŸ˜¢
Has anyone got any tips as to what to take instead?

edited, originally posted over 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Is it the Gabapentine causing the mood swings? Or is it from pain and fatigue? I know for me when I was in pain my mood swings were bad because I was so exhausted from not sleeping because of pain. I was on so many pain pills up until I educated myself on medicinal cannabis which I ingest coconut oil I make myself in my morning coffee. Ingesting takes longer to feel the effects, but no head high ever! Just a calm euphoric affect because for Fibro we need a cannabis high in CBD during the day to get us through the pain, it helps with the fatigue. I never knew how bad the big pharma was affecting me until I got off of it all and just taking cannabis now. The options are endless as to things you can make with it to medicate. I grew up believing every drug is bad, and when people were mentioning medical cannabis to me, I shrugged it off thinking "I can't do that!" Then after about the 6th person said it to me, I thought what's the harm in looking into it? Then I started researching all the benefits of it. Now I know not everyone may have this option with where they live and work. It has helped me tremendously to function in every way. I'm by no means where I was over a year ago as far as what I can do, but even my thinking has improved.

posted over 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

@A MyFibroTeam Member - I did an online search, and my pcp confirmed that it does cause it. Depends upon how it is taken, interactions, and other health factors. Here is a link:

I think I have a couple of interactions. My pcp increased and spread my dose a couple of months ago. It got better, then worse again which is why I polled the community.

Its not just mood swing, but memory fog or short term loss.

I am gonna research alternatives, and get with my doctors.

posted over 3 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Thanks Rhonda, I did not realize that.

I need to find an alternative to help out with the nerve pain and burning sensation then. Thats the reason why I got on the stuff.

It might explain the terrible increase in tinnitus I have been experiencing and the fluctuation in labido. I thought the tinnitus increase might have been from a chiro adjustment, but that makes more sense.

posted over 3 years ago
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