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Does Anybody Know Of A Good Doctor For Fibromyalgia In The Sioux Falls Area??? Or Within A Few Hours Of Sioux Falls.

Does Anybody Know Of A Good Doctor For Fibromyalgia In The Sioux Falls Area??? Or Within A Few Hours Of Sioux Falls.

I have been to a few doctors in sioux falls and even in hartford sd and they don't seem to understand fibromyalgia since ine doctor flat out said if you get eno ugh sleep it will go away. I don't know where to look for good doctors and I have almost given up on trying to find one

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I have found a dr. at a wellness center in Norfolk NE. not saying you should travel that far, but look one up. she is a registered nurse practitioner and believes in Pharmacy medicine and natural. I went there because my daughter went and they provided a blood tests at no out of pocket and also work very well with me on payments, if any. They provide Healing hands[spiritual healing], also treatments for migraines [light therapy] and many other things. I haven't gotten a bill and i have been going for 3mo. I have found out a lot about what my body will tolerate as far as meds, molds, food, environmental, etc. also about my genetic makeup and thyroid, heart health,also put a number on my inflammation[Fibrinogen], blood sugars, metabolic info,Liver function, vitamin levels: well just everything. i never had so much info about me before. lol. what i like about it, is that it tells you all this stuff, explains it, gives you answers and things you can do to heal instead of just treat. i found out that a gene disorder makes it impossible for my body to break down vitamin B-12, so my body had almost none. also magnesium, coQ-10, vitamin D, may have something wrong with my thyroid as i have been taking meds for a few years and not fixing it, so will look further into that. I just recommend that you finding a dr. like this. my place is called The Diabetes and Wellness Center. i have a folder that has all my results and i am taking it to my regular dr to go over them. but i will probably change to the wellness dr. for my regular one. hope i helped.

posted over 6 years ago
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