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Getting Diagnosed
A MyFibroTeam Member asked a question 💭

Hello Everyone,
I'm wondering how everyone got diagnosed.
Did your doctor physically examine you?
Did you have blood work done?
The bad pain doctor I had said I have it-
he never examined me.
He never ordered blood tests for anything.
I asked him one time what exactly was wrong with me and he said fibro.
Doesn't sound like a good diagnose process to me.
I went to the pain doctor I used to see and he said I don't have it.
Thank you.

posted November 18, 2015
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A MyFibroTeam Member

Been doing research for years. This is a complex disease in that it causes other diseases, the longer you have it. But that is true of many chronic illness diseases. I was told by a doctor that it was not an autoimmune disease, only to be told by another it is an autoimmune disease. ( I knew it was, my body is its own worst enemy) . Autoimmune means your body is attacking itself. Hard to handle! Only Jesus can get me through this!

posted January 3, 2016
A MyFibroTeam Member

My pain started with my hips, so I was worked up by ortho, then my neurology, urology and GI, everything horrible was ruled out essentially by all the specialist. My neurologist sent me to a rheumatologist and he confirmed fibro. He examined my entire body head to toe, read all my records from all the other doctors , he explained to me back then that fibro is a nerve/brain issue and that narcotics won't help the pAin. He started me on Neurontin and that's what I still take. He said dr's will give u pain pills, don't take them. I have always listened. IBS, spastic bladder, lack of sleep, foggy headed ,weird shocks in my body, extremely sensitive skin, sensitive to smells, super sonic hearing, hypersensitive everything!!

posted January 12, 2016 (edited)
A MyFibroTeam Member

I went through a year and a half worth of testing to rule a bunch of stuff out. I was diagnosed by a rheumatologist. He asked me a ton of questions, did bloodwork and a physical examination.

posted November 18, 2015
A MyFibroTeam Member

I was diagnosed after ruling out everything else with MRI's and blood work. The pain was textbook trigger points. Now comes the fun of managing the pain which is a full-time job. I am allergic to Lyrica and all medications prescribed for FM including the long-term pain meds which I had a horrible reaction to. I agree with @AmyTrahen that you need to try to find a doctor you can trust. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is typically the mental health factor that is recommended to help with the anxiety and depression with is secondary to pain and other times primary with the pain. We are all unique in what works for each of us for the pain. I hope you feel better and that you find someone that specializes in FM that can look at your psychological and medical history and check trigger points effectively to give you an honest diagnoses and then help you to feel better.

posted April 8, 2016
A MyFibroTeam Member

I also felt generalized pain and fatigue for quite a few years before I was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist. It seems to be the story that most of us have. I went to a neurologist to have my legs pain (neuropathy). He tested my nerves, pretty painful having needles in your leg nerves. He said there was no damage to the nerves, and sent me on my way. I felt as if he thought I was crazy. It is very discouraging, but the most discouraging thing to me is that no one believes me! The pain, the fatigue, the brain fog are only real to me.

posted January 21, 2016

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