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Need Good Doctor/ Milwaukie Oregon

Need Good Doctor/ Milwaukie Oregon

I lost my doctor and my insurance years ago I retired the other I lost when my spouse died. I get by with help from my Dad and my fiancĂ© I have been very lucky to have them both . I now have OHP and need to know of a doctor who believes in fibro/ myophacial pain disorder. I use to pay cash but after thousands of dollars waisted on doctors who would ignore me completely when I said fibro ..... I gave up and always went home sobbing . Any one know of a good doctor who isn't… read more

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Sorry there is one more DR GULLO AT WILLAMETTE PAIN AND SPINE too. Also if u need any numbers to a great Fibro coach let me know too!
I truly hope this helps u and would
Love to know the end results! Please keep me posted! I wish u well and a pain free day! Contact me anytime! Talk to u soon my friend!

Jennifer Pyon

posted about 5 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

i have a good rhumetholgist dr. devishwar in greensboro who is really good about my fibro and the pain. there is also a pain cream called voltaren gel which is good to help with pain. i use it on my knee and neck and anywhere i hurt. you have to get a prescription but it helps.

posted about 5 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:


Omg I am so sorry! It's the exact thing I fear each day! I am
Sorry and it's unfortunate for all of us to have to prove ourselves just to get relief from pain! Why did they even make these drugs if they don't want people to take them? It's so so rediculous to have to be treated like a druggie or some kind of addict!
I see a wonderful doctor I have been with since I was 1st diagnosed in 2009. Back then there was an actual facility I don't know if u were aware of Called the FRIDA CENTER FOR FIBROMYALSIA? It was such a wonderful place and kind of a safe haven for all Fibro/pain patients. Well unfortunately due to insurance companies not paying the doctors there for treating patients with Fibro they had to shut down and all split up! But before that my doctor made sure I was taken care of by having me follow one of the nurse practitioners that would be able to prescribe my dose of pain meds. So I followed her to Wallamette pain and spine center. But after a couple years she moved onto her own clinic which has been even better than ever! It's her rules and her ways! Also my old doctor at Frida Center opened up the Frida center again alone with her husband who does the myofacial massage!
Now u have OHP not sure if my current doctor takes it but I too pay out of pocket of $90 a month to see her. I can give u her info along with the frida center and also a very very good Fibro coach maybe u may know her or not but she has tons of resources! I don't know how much pain meds u need but rest assure I take quite a lot so I am more than sure she will be able to help u too with your dose! Here are some of the info u may need! Good luck and let me know how everything went or is going ok! It's nice to meet you here and anytime u need to chat or need someone just know I am one click away!

I see:
(Phone number can only be seen by the question and answer creators) SW Canyon Ct
portland, Oregon 97221
She is the best doctor I have ever known and is a Fibro doctor! Has pain med license to prescribe also has many resources to tons of treatments! In her office she shares space with a massage therapist and also another gal who helps with pain! It's a trio of 3 woman for anyone who needs their support!

Also you can see:
Dr Ginerva Liptain
You can look up the info on Google. I don't have my book of phone numbers so I can't give u exact info but if u have a hard time finding her website let me know!
She runs the office with her husband as the massage technician!
Only thing is that she runs her office way different this time not like the last time. I believe she still does prescribe pain meds but in order to see her I Believe there are steps u need to take and can't see her right away at first. But u can talk to try office and let them know your situation maybe she will help right away first just to get u by!

edited, originally posted about 5 years ago
A MyFibroTeam Member said:

Your gunna make me cry! I have had know one for 6-8 years my poor dad takes methadone for his back he broke years ago. He gives me half of his script which is 2 a day. He is in his 70's and I feel so guilty so so guilty. Then I take a ton of vitamins and natural sleep aids. Life sux's my home is a wreck cause I just can't manage it. This is where I get anxious very. You just gave me huge hope. Scares me cause it's never panned out. You can't imagin how fantastic it would be to get help. My poor 13 yr old daughter , I feel so guilty I can do the fun things I did with her much older brother and sister. I will jump threw any hoops they wanna put up in front of me. Thank you thank you thank you!!

posted about 5 years ago
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