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Hot Yoga is Hot!

So I was introduced to Hot Yoga, I must say I am into it! I would advice it for anyone who has physical limitations. You get the benefits from doing the usual Yoga like stretching, but also get to sweat and detox the body at the same, while drinking a gallon of water.

Its fun, its social and helps you connect to people, its a way to leave the house and get your mind off things and it beats going to a spa or gym to use the sauna.

posted 12 days ago
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Who has had PRP (plasma rich platelet) injections or IV treatments specifically for FM?

I’ve seen several of you within the answers speaking of PRP injections and a very few of PRP Intravenous (IV) therapy/treatments.

My doctor does the regular PRP injections and 2 weeks ago visited a PRP expert on my behalf. He’s also done his fair share of research along with my own. Traditional PRP injections or using PRP into trigger points will not work for me as only 2 trigger points may be done according to the expert. I… read more

posted about 1 month ago
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Anyone ever see or use Dr Jay Davidson Lyme treatment?

Anyone ever see or use Dr Jay Davidson Lyme treatment? Curious about results and if worth trying?

posted 8 months ago
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Has anyone had a belly piercing?

Did it affect your FM symptoms after you had it done? (I don’t mean scare stories about infections, I just mean FM symptoms)

posted 9 months ago
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Has anyone else tried ear laser acupuncture?

posted 10 months ago
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Medical marijuana

Are you allowed to have a medical marijuana card with your pharmacy technician liscense in the state of michigan?

posted about 1 year ago
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