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Does anyone here have acne or skin problems? Also is follcilitus associated with fibro.. i think i spelled it wrong but its a condition where ingrown hairs come from shaving or an infection from sitting in tubs wearing tight clothing etc i have bad acne and redness all over my lower back and bottom.. i hate it. Any advice will help thanks.

posted 24 days ago by A MyFibroTeam User

I have red spots all over my arms and chest. I saw my dermatologist years back and he tested me for Lupus came back negative. I think it's a Fibro… read more

posted 24 days ago

I was blessed with smooth, clear skin, until i got fibro. Now i get bumps on my face - not always filled with anything, along with skin discoloration.
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posted 24 days ago

I have so many sores & real dry spots from summer, working in yd & sun. It itches all tine so I scratch it tgen gets sore skin scratched off

posted 24 days ago

What are the biomarkers?

posted 24 days ago

I would see a specialist. Maybe it is food related. You could try doing an elimination food intake. Like sugar, wheat, rice, dairy. Same fruit or even… read more

posted 24 days ago
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