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Will Fibro Myalgia Lead To Multiple Sclerosis

Will Fibro Myalgia Lead To Multiple Sclerosis

Have read that FM will eventually lead into MS how true is this,with what I have read it appears to mimic MS I don't get flare ups my condition is continuos,and just seems to be in general decline.

A MyFibroTeam Member said:

I had a ruptured disc in the neck, I kept having pain. He said I had another herniated disc in the neck possibly two but we would keep an eye on them. Well the one disc stayed the same but the other disc got bigger. He also said the issues I'm complaining about and symptoms are -- and then he asked was I ever told or asked if I have M S. My internist thinks I do not but was willing to do a spinal tap. I declined. The rheumatologist said she didn't think I had MS but she knows I have OA everywhere in all major joints, that is not to bad for this pain level. The pain management DR said she wasn't sure if I have MS but I do have Fibro. So the MS is still lingering amongst the DRs

posted about 6 years ago
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